About us

In a world inundated with expensive design agencies, SEO jargon and e-commerce we exist to educate and help you to make your site for free!

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Jessie, 25

I’ve never been super confident when it comes to websites, I had a great idea and didn’t really know where to start but SetupaWebsite really helped me to make my own website for free!

Barry, 36

I’ve wanted to start my own t shirt business for years and escape the 9 to 5, but I was quoted over £6,000 for a basic e-commerce website, SetupaWebsite helped me do it for free.

Shannon, 30

I started writing my own murder mystery book in 2018, but I wasn’t sure on the best way to market it and get the word out. I now have a platform where I can share updates to my subscribers, thanks so much!

What is SetupaWebsite.co.uk?

We are a team of web developers and between have over a decade of experience, throughout our time it’s become clear that development agencies charge a fortune for something that’s not actually that complicated!


So, we formed SetupaWebsite! A site dedicated to helping complete beginners create their own websites from start to finish. We wanted to make sure we made the guide as easy as possible and use language that anyone can understand, even if they have no development experience at all. If you need help you can contact us here.

Setup a website office work
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What does SetupaWebsite cover?

We wanted to make sure that we included the parts that no one thinks about when they are browsing a website. So we decided to break it down into 3 simple steps. We cover the 3 main points:

  1. Choosing the right platform for your website and discussing why they differ with the pros and cons.
  2. How to find a domain, check if its available & how to purchase a domain. We also cover how to find and purchase hosting that will be right for your ideas.
  3. We go over in simple terms how to set up your new website, make edits to the text, images and colours and make it yours!

About the creators

Throughout our years of development experience we have worked in a number of different workplaces, ranging from agency work to in-house development. We have worked with some major brands over the years and create some fantastic, award-winning websites! Why not take a look at some of the work we have done in the past!

Whilst these sites look complicated, it’s nothing you can’t do yourselves with a good chunk of time spent improving your skills! Our guide can help you get a headstart, view the guide here.